JERSEY SHORE – 2/24/12

Welcome back! This is an exciting week for the Jersey Shore recap, as it marked the first time all season that I didn’t have to work on a Friday. What does that mean for you? Absolutely nothing! But, I’m personally excited as this is the first recap that wasn’t edited on my iphone in a bathroom stall after ducking out from a meaningless meeting. (I am a little bummed that I am missing out on Hawaiian shirt day today though). Turns out it is pretty tough to edit on an iphone. I usually spend my allotted editing time doing one of two things: tapping the screen feverishly trying to get the cursor in the right place or shouting “No Siri, I said ‘roid rage’….no, ‘roid rage’…..‘ROID RAGE!!!!!!’ Damn you Siri. No, DAMN YOU Siri.”

Picking up from last week, we return to Karma with Roger and a semi-naked JWoww. Roger announces that he wants to leave because he doesn’t want to dance to Bon Jovi. He says this knowing full well he is in clear … Continue reading

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JERSEY SHORE – 2/17/12

Welcome back to the weekly Jersey Shore recap, now with 83% less spelling errors. Before we address my inability to spell, as well as comments on some reader emails, let’s take a peek at what happened this week.

As usual, we start off where we ended last week, with JWoww trying to apologize to Roger, sans “d”. (I’m granting JWoww the final W due to her bleeding ass.) Roger, like Vinny with the Plan B last week, just wants an excuse to unload and launches into a tirade against JWoww. Although embroiled in a pretty intense fit of ‘roid rage, he actually has a solidly constructed argument against JWoww and her trust issues. At first I couldn’t figure out if JWoww was sitting there silently from pure shock or from her inability to comprehend multi-syllabic words. But turns out it was neither. JWoww is just an experienced guidette, who understands that the best way to deal with ‘roid rage, like a child’s temper tantrum, is to simply wait it out. After a few minutes of … Continue reading

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JERSEY SHORE – 2/10/12

Welcome back! Some random Shore news before we get started with this week’s episode. Pauly’s spin off, The Pauly D project, will premiere on March 15, in the coveted 10:30 pm, post-Punk’d, pre-Punk’d repeat time slot. In other news, turns out Punk’d is still on the air. And speaking of Pauly, thanks to everyone who sent me the names of other DJ’s that I’ll probably never check out. I appreciate the feedback, but I’ll just have to take your word on whether or not they are successful as I had never heard of any of them.

We start where we left off last week, and the week before that, and the week before that, with Mike trying to call Unit to bring up the Snookie drama. Unfortunately for Mike, Unit is “out of town for a while,” which is what Italians say when they are in prison. So unable to beat the dead horse any further this episode, Mike decides to go to bed. (It’s getting really hard to limit the “Mike is old” … Continue reading

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