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The episode ends with Roger and JWoww hitting the clubs together. JWoww’s outfit has less material and weighs less than the condom Deena wore earlier in the episode. This draws some unwanted attention from some randoms at the bar. Although it’s really hard to call any attention unwanted when you go out in public essentially naked with a full production team following you to film your every move. Similar to just about everything that happens on the Jersey Shore, this leads to a fight, with someone taking a swing at Roger as the episode ends. But just before we fade to black, we have scenes from next week. And I’m sure you’ll never guess what will happen on next week’s episode! Turns out Mike may have hooked up with Snooki before and he is thinking of telling Jionni!!!!!!!!

So that’s all for this week’s episode, but before we all go back to preparing those TPS reports, two quick points. As noted in the comments from last week’s column, I have been spelling a few names wrong during these recaps. However, the implication in the comments was that I was lazy, which just isn’t fair. I knew I was spelling “JWow” incorrectly, as I mentioned in my earlier column (1/13) so that’s not being lazy, that’s just being stubborn. And I was so positive that I was spelling “Snookie” right that I never even bothered checking out the right way to do it. So that was pure arrogance. And “Rodger,” well, as I was writing last week, I had the sense that something was amiss each time I typed his name but never bothered to look it up (ok, so a little laziness). The point is, it wasn’t pure “laziness” that was causing these errors, it was stubbornness, arrogance AND laziness. But, my apologies nonetheless. I hope the misspellings didn’t detract from my juvenile and trite humor, and that we can do this again next week, were I pormise to limet the mitakes.

And speaking reader of feedback, I got two somewhat similar emails this week that I found interesting: the first was from a reader who said she enjoyed the recaps as it gave her an excuse to watch the show and the second was from a reader who said she liked the recaps because she could catch up with what happened without having to watch the show in front of her husband. (Shocked? Me too! Two positive emails from readers this week when Vegas had the over / under for number of people who like this column at 1.5.) The common theme being embarrassment for liking Jersey Shore. But why the shame Kacey from Sacramento and Liz from an unknown location (probably not as mysterious as it sounds written that way)? Don’t be shy! Millions of people watch this garbage week in and week out, even after 4 seasons of pretty much the exact same thing. It’s not pretty, but you can’t argue that it is entertaining. Why is it socially acceptable to like disposable pop music that is just as simple, classless, and repetitive as the Shore, if not worse? At least the cast isn’t lip syncing autotuned lyrics that were penned by someone else. Very few are embarrassed for liking pop music, yet we feel the need to hide our love for the Shore? I say no more! Stand up and be proud! Just remember Kacey, Liz, and anyone else hiding their Jersey Shore love: there are two types of people in the world: those that like Jersey Shore, and those who have never seen Jersey Shore.

Till next week.

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  1. I will grant you stubbornness, arrogance, and laziness and offer up a “thank you” for reading the replies and for correcting the spelling of the character’s names. Made the column much more enjoyable to read. 🙂

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