JERSEY SHORE – 2/10/12

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Despite striking out with the “let’sbehonest” as Deena says, Vinny’s foresight pays off and he ends up hooking up with a girl he ignored all night (and she was even an “ok smush” causing her parents to beam with pride.) As always, Pauly also brings home a girl, which led to my favorite scene of this episode: the moment when the two girls make eye contact and smile awkwardly at each other as they crawl in to bed, knowing they are about to fornicate just inches apart.

But lest you start thinking this show is all about binge drinking and meaningless sex, we are treated with some honest-to-goodness self-reflection, and character development. Seems our girl Snookie gets so wasted one night, and is so hungover the next day, that she has a heart-to-heart with herself, out loud, questioning her life choices. She realizes that she is out of control, and needs not only a therapist, but more importantly, she needs AA. It truly was a beautiful moment. And just as I was starting to think that perhaps Snookie isn’t as vapid as she appears, she falls out of a hammock and yells at the sun. She then explains that she wishes she was in Arkansas because it’s always dark in Arkansas. Um, well, at least she realizes she has a drinking problem.

Fast forward about a few hours, and we can see Snookie applying her new self-awareness, by leaving her day shift at work to go drinking. Twice. Well, let’s be honest, her sobriety lasted longer than anyone expected. But, in her defense, neither time she left work to drink was her fault. The first time it was Deena’s fault, as they were playing the “follow game,” which is where one person walks around randomly and the other person tries to follow them as closely as they can. You know, what squirrels do. Since Snookie was the follower, she had no choice but to follow Deena out of work and into the bar. Rules are rules. And the second time, well, that was an even better reason. A customer at the store strikes up a conversation and Snookie learns that the women is on the Shore for the world’s worst bachelorette party. No way Snookie and Deena could miss that! The world’s worst bachelorette party consisted of the bride and the meatballs dancing to crappy techno, in a bright bar, in the middle of the day. Nary a bridesmaid was to be seen, which makes me wonder what the bachelorette would have done had Snookie and Deena not joined. I can only hope it would have been the exact same thing, just alone. Because ironically, I think it would be more socially acceptable if she were partying solo.

And as mentioned last week, it appears that JWow’s contract dispute has been settled, as she takes part in a plot this week. You may remember JWow, she’s that crazy girl from the show opening who says “after I have sex with a guy I will rip their head off.” Well, she has had sex with Rodger, and now he is avoiding her, and she can’t figure out why. Really could be any number of reasons there JWow, but I’m going to go with c) he is turned off by your misuse of possessive pronouns.

3 thoughts on “JERSEY SHORE – 2/10/12

  1. To take a line from your recap; “I am turned off by your misspelling of not one, not two, but THREE of the main character’s names/nicknames”.

    Roger does not have a “d” in his name.
    JWOWW has two w’s at the end of her nickname.
    Snooki does not have an “e” at the end of her nickname.

    If you are going to recap a show, take 2 seconds to find the correct spelling of the character’s names. Otherwise, it just makes you seem lazy.

  2. I totally get you, casper33, but to Reese’s defense, JWoww’s line at the beginning of the show makes me cringe every week, whereas I laugh at the misspellings in the recap.

    I think Reese’s misspellings of the “actors'” names is proportionately appropriate to the atrocity of JWoww’s butchery of the English language. IMHO, it reaffirms their irrelevance nicely:)

  3. I think the jwow thing was intentional. i thought there was a post about how she doesn’t deserve the extra w. LOL!

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